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Jastram Engineering

Jastram Engineering designs and manufactures exceptional marine steering systems and components for new build and retro-fit applications.

In addition to commercial projects as diverse as OSV's, catamarans and tankers, Jastram steering systems are specified as standard equipment on most North American built yachts of 90' and above. The reason is simple - reliability.

In-house engineering and design ensures high quality equipment. Top quality components combined with a solid, engineered solution provide a steering system that can be relied upon for years of trouble free service.

Compliance with ABS, DNV, GL and USCG is engineered into the system where required, giving peace of mind to builders, Naval Architects and owners that their steering system is designed to the highest standards.

From a simple manual hydraulic systems to a digital twin-independant system with DPS interface, Jastram can provide exactly the steering system required for your application.

Our 16 year relationship with Jastram allows us the ability to assist you with specification, installation and integration of your vessel's steering system in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Please contact Sterling Marine Systems today to discuss your specific requirements.

Wagner Steering

For over 70 years, the name Wagner has been synonymous with excellence in steering systems.

Components such as the M10 Telemotor Unit, "Type T" Actuators, "Type N and Type L" Cylinders are legendary for their reliability and ruggedness, resulting in Wagner steering systems seeing extensive use around the world in commercial and pleasure craft applications.

Sterling Marine Systems is able to overhaul and service your existing Wagner system and components, as well as provide genuine Wagner spares.

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Techsol Marine

"Your vessel at your finger tips, your investment in good hands"

Techsol designs and manufactures the MAX alarm, control and monitoring systems that can meet all requirements for commercial UMS operations and certified for ABS and Lloyd's Register applications.

MAX is a flexible, modular monitoring and control system that is completely open, allowing customers to get technical support and spares world-wide.

MAX can be configured in a myriad of ways to provide exactly the system required. MAX Jr is available for customers requiring a less complex solution, MAXor the fully redundant MAX II are available to provide a complete monitoring & control solution for yachting and commercial vessels for such systems as:

  • Propulsion monitoring

  • Navigation lighting

  • Fire Detection

  • Bowthruster control

  • Switchboard Logic

  • Tank level control & monitoring

  • Generator control & monitoring

  • Power Management

  • Pump and Valve Control

Anyone who has basic ship knowledge can learn how to operate MAX (Machinery, Alarm and Control System) quickly. The system is so easy to use that in most cases, users do not see the need for an instruction manual.

The system is intuitive and easy to navigate - essential requirements for any shipboard system, but especially so for system monitoring..

Sterling Marine Systems is pleased to have been chosen by Techsol as a Sales and Service partner for the MAX system and its other products.

Please contact us so we can arrange a demonstration of the system to you.

For more information about Techsol, the MAX system and their other products and capabilities, please visit www.techsolmarine.com

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Muir Windlass

Muir designs and manufacture the most extensive range of anchoring systems available on the world market for yachts up to 120 metres and pioneered windlasses and anchoring systems that have set industry standards and benchmarks.

All Muir windlasses and anchoring systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest level of quality accreditation, ISO 9001, and meet and surpass the world's most stringent classification standards including ABS, LRS, DNV, BV, NKK, GL, CCS and comply with MCA and USL codes.

Sterling Marine Systems is please to be able to supply service and repair support for Muir products in the US. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

muir windlasses


Accu-Steer, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality high-performance hydraulic control of steering systems for yachts and commercial vessels of all classes.

Accu-Steer products are designed with reliability as the primary focus.

Each unit is completely tested after assembly and each unit is identified by a serial number with its test results on file at Accu-Steer, Inc.

Accu-steer products are designed to provide a reliable interface for autopilots and electric steering to new or existing hydraulic steering systems. The HRP pump sets provide quality replacement of standard hydraulic reversing pump units provided by many autopilot suppliers, often at a lower cost.

The wide range of products from Accu-steer provides multiple ways of providing high quality steering components to meet your needs, including their NEW PS-7 system.

The PS-7 provides a reliable and effective power-assist/autopilot/jog steering option for vessels with steering systems up to 22cu" displacement (larger systems to be accommodated soon!)

Offering significant advantages over similar products from competitors, the PS-7 provides an affordable power steering option for vessels currently fitted with manual hydraulic steering.

Please contact Sterling Marine Systems for information and pricing for your application.

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